BalancePro Gold edition motor controller based on vesc6.6+ 60V120A

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        BalancePro 6.6+ is a motor controller that enables you to build any self-balancing vehicle with ease.  Designed with years of Automotive electronics developing experience, this design uses premium parts from reputable companies such as TDK, Coilcrafts, muRata, invensense and Rubycon..etc. Soldered in automotive standards.


    The power stage is an extremely vital part in a motor controller as it heats up under heavy load, we used expensive irf7749 mosfets for its excellent heat performance, mainly due to its metal sheild and giant silicon sizes, most chinese designs like flipsky uses cheap plastic mosfet that generate heat at a much higher rate and will throttle down in a very short period of time. Other than premium PCBA parts, the Balance Pro Gold edition has a upgraded full metal enclosure which will form a robust dual sided heat disspation solution, it is the only ESC in the market to have full CNC metal shell, finished in elegant Gold.


1. Built-in high precision 9-axis gyroscope mpu9250.

2. Direct Fet Technology, 60V150A Power Stage.

3. Infinity tuning-ability via Vesctool.

4. Bluetooth conectivity via external blutooth module.

5. Supports Any bldc motor, hubmotor, etc. 

6. Small footprint, Easy to mount. 

7. Battery low voltage protection settings.




1. 71x70mm aluminum enclosure

2. Hardware version 6.6+

3. Supports latest vesc-tool 3.00

4. 60v 120A Continuous Power Output.

5. Various motor sensor support including AS5047P, Hall, ABI sensors, etc

6. 3 Shunt current sampling design.

7. Erpm maynot exceed 150k.

8. Input Voltage spike maynot exceed 60V (12S lithium-ion Pack)

9. BalancePro to battery indicator power line. (left1)

10.BalancePro to motor sensor adapter wire.(left2)

11. Footpad sensor extension wire.(left3)

12.bluetooth module to front light bar power wire.(left4)

13.Split wire for footpad sensor +bluetooth module to BalancePro(left5)

14.Bluetooth dongle






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BlancePro Gold edition untilizes the latest technology and premium parts from established brand, designed with decades of engineering experience in mind, all products are backed with a 1 year warrenty against manufacturing defect. we will pay for the shipping cost of repalce/fix service.