DIY kit Aluminum rail+Footpad

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This kit now comes with all new rails! Colors will be sent ramdomly unless we have note for color choices. 







-Aluminum rails are designed for the 1200w float hub motor. 

-Rails  finished in anodized storm grey.   

-3D printed front&rear covers not included! we will send you the .stl file so you will be able to print them at home.

(Recomend using ender3s printer),or you can have us print it for u it will be $10.

Shipping list:

  • Left side CNC aluminum rail x1
  • Right side CNC aluminum rail x1
  • Rear underside aluminum plate x1
  • Anti-spin plate x2
  • M6 flange screws x2
  • GM-8 rubber wire protector x2
  • Precision CNCed Stainless steel wheel nut x2
  • All the screws needed+spares.
  • Front concave walnut footpad with sensor+battery indicator built in (plug&play) x1
  • Rear double concave walnut footpad x1
  • Power switch x1
  • GX16 charging port x1
  • Frontlight bar x1
  • Rear lightbar x1