Float Hub motor 1200w

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 The development behind the float hub motor

We noticed that the hub motors on the market (funwheel hub) right now are basically rebranded phub-188,  phub-188 has a very narrow contact patch due to the fact that it is originally designed for scooters, tho it is fun for carving around, some wobble are expected in high speed crusing. The DIYwheel community needs a better motor for this application, more power, more tyre choices, more torque, so we created the Float hub from ground up.

The tyre choices   

The float hub motor has a brand new blue line tire on it which has a 16mm wider contact patch compared to the popular phub-188 on the market, it feels like a vega tyre which is super steady, We will also have a more rounded fun carving red line tyre ready for sale in the future, if you want different ridding style, just simply swap out the tyres at a tyre shop.

Massive power upgrade 

We also made some changes in the hub itself, it has a 14mm wider hub to fit the brand new flat tyre, while we are at it ,we also extended the stator by 58%, which makes it the most powerful hub motor on the market right now, the magnets are now 100mm in lenth instead of 60mm in the phub-188, the top speed is set to 38km/h@50V, so this time it has 58% more power than the phub188, 68% more torque than the phub188, it has 17% more power than the rx hub.

Phub188 stator size: φ99*60
XR hub stator size: φ106*70
Float hub stator size φ99*95


The hub motor is protected by two rubber cover on the shaft, then snuggly put inside the box with 2 customized strong foam padding , it can be shipped gloabaly without any damaging, it weighs 8.5kg with package, we recommand that you ship it by sea which is gonna take about 20-30days to arrive, but we offer airfreight service at a high price as well.


All float hubs are backed with 1-year warrenty against manufacture defects.