Free Improved Aluminum Rails

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Builders that previously bought the floatwheel kit are now eligible to get a free set of improved rails at the cost of shipping(Around 50$), Previous customers still need to place the order,  when you place the order, please choose the right country so we can properly process your order, and don't forget to fill in your phone number, the estimated shipping time is between 7-30 days depending on where you live.

If you have strong preference for color choices, you need to place your order ASAP, we have the same amount of rails made in Tiff/Silver, we send the rails on the 'first come first serve' principle, we may run out of stock on one color later.

The new set of rails comes in 2 different colors, which is Tiffany blue and Shine silver, they were done in powder coating, which makes the surface more durable than ever.



The wheel holding mechanism has changed to a all new clamping design, the wheel axle is no longer holding down by two aluminum plates, instead, they were upgraded to 2 thick CNC made aluminum clamping blocks, with 2xM6 screws clamping down on the axle and an extra M14 nut preventing sideways movements, the axle will be hold very tight in place, AKA, no more clunking noise and sheared aluminum plates, the test prototype using the new clamping block design shows zero metal fatigue or loosen nut after a 190 lbs. rider abusing it for 2000+ km, including a lot of curb dropping and curb climbing this will increase your ridding confidence by approximately 500%.




  1. Shipping list:

  2. Left rail x1

  3. Right rail x1

  4. M8x16 countersink screw x4

  5. M6x25 cup head screw x4

  6. Aluminum clamping block x2

  7. M14 thin nut x2

  8. L shape cable protect plates x1

  9. M3x6 cup head screw x2

  10. H5 Allen key x1

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For EU customers, we will ship by railway and takes 25-30days to arrive after you order.

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