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Today marks the 1 year establishment of floatwheel, with the support of the great community, we have grown together, learnt new skills, made new friends. As the pandemic took a hit on global supply chain, we can no longer supply some of the items we sell. that's why we are offering a very limited amount of stock at a discounted price. For 499$ you will get the all in one package to build a floatwheel, free shipping included!

ETA for US (15days)

ETA for EU (20 days)

This package includes every product we offer at our site, specifically : 

1. BalancePro Gold edition motor controller based on vesc6.6+ 60V120A

2. DIY kit Aluminum rail+Footpad

3. Float Hub motor 1200w

4. Smart Battery Pack 50.4V 5Ah 222wh

(with 12 cell of brand new tesla-panasonic 2170 cells)

5. Improved Aluminum Rails